Hi, this is mostly a Flight Rising tumblr. Here is my Lair!

I am a lady who works in the gaming industry elsewhere as a Producer, but also really likes internet dragons and other nerdy things.

If you are from FR, you may know me as admin/artist Xhaztol's lady IRL.

I am in no way a representative of FR, nor do I speak for any of the admins. I am not an official mouthpiece and any statements are my own personal thoughts and opinions. Sometimes I get chided for them. :P

I also have a new Personal Policy regarding FR drama of any kind, which you can read HERE.

Xhaztol's IRL gf FAQ:

1. No, I don't really get any perks,
2. Yes, I buy my own gems (I have a jerb, yo) and play legitimately. (I'm treasure-poor, anyone wanna donate? ha)
3. Yes, I donated my own money to Kickstarter and got my imperials legit (I was camping it to make sure I got the donation that put them over their goal!)
4. Yes, I will talk to you frankly/nicely about some insider info.
5. No, my lips are still sealed about anything new/sekrit.
6. And yes, I've had a couple people ask these things already. Hence the FAQ. :)

If you hear a rumor about something and want the straight dope or just want to know something about the lovely folks on FR (within reason, decorum, permission, and legality of course), feel free to toss me a PM. But rude/stalkery/etc. things will just be ignored. :)

I'm here as just your normal player, really. INTERNET DARGONS
Ask me anything